Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

Feeling … leading to what action?

I feel for the search of carefree-ness
I feel nothing is more important than being truthful to another
I feel : why not do things right the first time?

Once, responsibility was such a virtue
But then it feels like a tonne of weight
And its purpose seems no longer stand
The responsibility for the moment
The responsibility for the task
The responsibility for the organisation
all so short term
all so meaningless in the long run
especially for the well being of an individual

Why I can never accept the world as it is?
Why I cannot stop my heart in search of that better place?

Carefree and Responsible
seem such states in conflict

Utimatey BALANCE?
So the world and individuals can truly function?

All I know NOW
I desire out of what so ever responsibility
That seems hold no purpose to me

other than mostly comfort monetary reason

Is this the approach as it should be?

The strong emotion
The mind’s sway by by the emotion
Is it so called call losing the BALANCE?

Is Balance important?
Search my heart and mind – “Yes” is the answer

I love and always will love
Love what?
Now I know not
Simply, it is beautiful to be an energy of love,
in fact gentle love

My action is still not clearly known


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