Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

Year of the Horse 马 2nd Day

Now , this moment , I appreciate there is the concept of start-end of the year .
I speak for myself – I had the habit of keep doing and seeing tasks/projects needed to be done, and there’s no end to how it is considered completed, as I felt (actually I still do) things/srandards/precisions can always be better. Then, it seemed that there was always something incomplete and I needed to carry forward when others, when system gave me deadlines.
I am never done. For a longest time, I would stare at back-log stuff and wish I would later set a time to “complete” these. So, while new stuff are ahead , on their way, I would wish I should work faster … in the end , unknowingly I carry a bundle here, and then another burden there, till I felt lousy about myself, and also led to cluttering.

I supposed emotionally we do that to ourselves:
On just 2 dimensional level , we add more linearly
On 3 dimensional level, height and weight of burden, and much no longer serve us weigh us down, holding us back, perhaps we get all tired, accumulating the stuckness
Over these dimensions, possibly stuckness that we don’t even know why? Where’s the source? How come?

I am VERY GRATEFUL especially for the past year I am taught about clearing, healing. I am pretty strong once more – my body is almost whole to take in new ways, with the clarity to face this world, this time with conscious self reminder and actions to clear, heal and recharge constantly, maintain the health, in fact stronger, and perhaps getting the hang of turning back some of the clock 😉

It is time to “GET IT” in creating =D
and juggle the need of Balance

Dear me, LET GO of those past tasks that are incomplete, take the process lesson and IDENTIFY What are more and even most important to me and all that is truly for the highest good, PRIORITISE and action into the flow. Trust there will be partnership hmm maybe not quite how my current knowledge think it should be.

For the little stuff that I have to or feel need to act on, set the deadlines. May be the completion is not for me to see , start the ball rolling with pure intention .

Always grant me the Clarity and act for highest good.

Let this be a year of more Advancing, Mastering of skills and self, and once more LOVE without fear, LOVE with Joy and Kindness towards me and the ones around me.


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