Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

Seeking through Knowledge again

I just read this article

Today human intelligence is used in a very crippled way, constantly dipping into one’s memory bank. If your intelligence functions only from the memory that you have accumulated then you are just a recycling bin. The same thing keeps happening in many permutations and combinations.

One major aspect of spiritual process is to keep your hand out of the memory bank. Why we speak so much about karma – karma is memory – to be out of it, is because the moment you dip your hand into it, your life will become cyclical. Once your life becomes cyclical, you are just going in circles which mean that you are going nowhere. The idea is to break the cycle. If the cycle has to break, your intelligence has to become free from the accumulated memory, otherwise cycles will not be broken; cycles will be created. The more deeply you dip into this memory the cycles will become shorter and shorter and slowly lead you towards insanity.

So I gather, for humans to fully function well, I assume free and in joy, and with loving nurturing energy, is not to constantly work from the space in memory or function in recalling memory.
Recently, many have reminded me to FEEL. I gather further it is LIVING LIFE, experience and appreciate NOW.

Next thing that I have been constantly told is worked out my karmic influence, it is partly what causing me to not function properly. These stuff seem like snitches to my original program, thus I can’t function as a higher version computer.

I used to think I need to think, recall what this or these karmic issues are. Of course this means recall the memory, this means I should understand the karmic occurrence that took place.

Now, as many occasions have been shared, there’s no need to know, just feel and . . . erase. It has truth, I feel. It is not necessary to know, understand everything to release, just release 🙂

I guess “Knowledge is Power” is still true, when I do not confuse with remembering the knowledge. It is know, feel, understand with inner knowing and APPLY to LIVE LIFE NOW 😀


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