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Using cute short animation to teach vocabulary?

Haha I see opportunity for this less than 5 minute animation to teach these vocabulary:
1. Road 马路
2. Busy road 繁忙的马路
3. Peak hours 繁忙的时间
4. Traffic 交通
5. (a lot of) Cars (很多)车子/汽车
6. to and fro cars 车子来来往往
7. non-stop flow of traffic 交通川流不息
8. Traffic light 交通灯
9. The traffic light is spoilt. 交通灯坏了。
9b. The traffic lights are faulty. 交通灯发生故障。
10. Traffic jam 交通灯阻塞
11. Terrible traffic jam 糟糕的交通阻塞/糟透了的交通阻塞
11b. Very bad (serious) traffic jam严重的交通阻塞
12. Accident occurs/happens发生意外
12b. a car accident/an accident 一场车祸/一起意外/一个意外
12c. On the road, a car accident has occurred. 马路上发生了一场车祸/一起意外。
13. traffic is smooth without being blocked 交通顺畅无阻
14. After the traffic light is repaired, the earlier traffic jam returns to normal. 交通灯修理好后,之前阻塞得很严重/很厉害的交通又回复正常了。

*. Colour(s) 颜色
1. Red 红
2. Yellow 黄
3. Green 绿

Oh THANK YOU so much, Animator and the creation team, and of course for putting this up to brighten our day 😀
😉 We can use google translate to listen to the words pronounced and see the phonetic or hanyu pinyin pronunciation 🙂


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