Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

In process but can’t save in application hmmm

I am thankful that my work organisation has arranged Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Although in the beginning and not knowing what the workshop was, I actually haha “ungratefully” thought: Aiyahh, I could have used the day seeing students and even the parents, and now I can’t. Sighhh. . .

When I knew it was a 8:30am – 5pm full day:
the more positive me went: Dear San, enjoy one thing at a time, be there, enjoy and learn something from.the workshop.
the ‘ahem’ still negative me complain in my mind: Such long session. Hope it better be useful.
I even went ego challenging mindset when I knew the topic of the workshop: The trainer better knows how to deliver this workshop useful to me/us, not just lip service, and being impractically politically correct.

Boy, I am wrong about Mr Robert – Just into 2nd hour of the workshop, I AM IMPRESSED.

Initially, I thought there must be lots of hands-on to avoid boredom. I learn there ISN’T the need .

Mr Robert explains logically, started with a self reflective survey, in between a little how mug, fork, spoon and matchstick can work together task, the rest so far he spoke logically, fusing his personal experiences that makes me feel he really wants us to.get it. And I am driven to want to go off this workshop with more growth and aquire more me 🙂

What make us human? (Human Endowment)
– Visualisation, Hope, Imagination, Creativity
– Conscience, Self-awareness
– Choice instead of fight or flight, Focus on problem or solutions, Choice to seek/research or just accept without thinking or finding out (What is right for others does not necessarily mean it is right for you. What almost everyone does does not mean that is definitely right.)
          (Balance, Respect, Wisdom)

What can I do differently


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