Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

Life … What is the Equation?

Life is a journey. Life is a discovery. Life is finding, getting, grasping, holding, hanging on … letting go …

Life is a tapestry. Life is a patchwork. Life is a jigsaw puzzle. It is a puzzling puzzle.

Life is like peeling the onion, finding layer after layer, finding an answer leading to another or more questions.

Life seems full of equations. When we see an equation, it seems to at least offer a path , a direction to walk on piecing something together, working something out, holding an incomplete map. At least, though filled with question marks still, there is some form of guiding dots of clues, lights, does not matter how near or far, guiding mean to move on.

Life can be so segmented.

First, we may learn the easy black and white. 1+1=2, We live on earth. Earth has men, animals, insects, plants … Men has 2 legs, and most animals have 4. Above us is the blue sky with clouds, below us is the ground and sea/lake/river … We seem to be either naughty or good

(I’ll stop here for a while. Haha the little while always turn out longer while, especially external world, which I am still finding a little meaningless, has given a number of deadlines.

Would you, anyone happen to read this, carry on the thoughts 🙂 Just comment what’s on your mind hmm about Life ?)



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