Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

Life . . . Equation? (2)

Life can be so segmented.

First, we may learn the easy black and white. 1+1=2, We live on earth. Earth has men, animals, insects, plants … Men has 2 legs, and most animals have 4. Above us is the blue sky with clouds, below us is the ground and sea/lake/river … We seem to be either naughty or good

Next, we learn there’s grey, it isn’t all simply black and white. 1+1 isn’t always equal 2, looking from different angle, the answer can be 3 or 11  haha . We may live on earth, and we live in the universe when we bother to look beyond what our physical eyes can see or perceive. We live on this earth now, which has many dimensions too. The space we’re at can be connected to different portals too. Men has beyond whay we physically see, and the animals and plants are actually, from another perspective, are no different from a human, especially in the factor of feelings: care, love nurture us; pain, fear harm us.

We are definitely more than being classified as good or bad. Our consciousness includes various levels, perhaps of different compartments. Our intentions, actions, responses – the causes can stretch way beyond what we as commoners fully know, and beyond time hmmm


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