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Advice from Deepak

It’s time for a realistic game plan. Sit down with a piece of paper and give it the title “Mental Stability” or “Calming My Mind.” Itemize 10 steps you could take to become less anxious, restless and worried. Once you’ve made your list, choose the top three things and actually follow them up. Your list of remedies might include the following:

Learn to meditate
Reduce everyday stress
Avoid negative situations and people
Find an enjoyable, positive outlet
Open up to a friend whom you trust
Ask for comfort from a pastor or a mature, compassionate friend
Set down a cherished goal with steps for reaching it
Organize your finances and live within a budget
Heal old emotional wounds
Clean and straighten up the house; make your work environment orderly

These are familiar steps to readers of this column, but if you take them seriously and act upon them, you will begin to regain your balance and feel more secure within yourself. Without control over your own life, the result will be inner confusion and distress. Make sure, before anything else, that you feel safe and protected and have trust in the people closest to you. When writing down your list, be specific. You need to know exactly what steps you plan to take and who you are going to approach for help, kindness and guidance. Your mind may be a present source of distress, but it is also your source of healing.


Interesting that MY MIND may be present source of distress, IT IS ALSO MY SOURCE OF HEALING.


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