Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

var w25_settings_da0e1a3d = { widget : { user2 : {lines:[“The Love I can feel”,”Today!”,”Interesting ideas that can motivate and inspire me”,”Life and the people in it”,”Chance tohelp other people and it feels great!”,”Abundance of love which surrounds me and all of us”,”Having many ways to share my creativity with the world”,”the positive changes occurring daily in my life”,”All my clients”,”My cute, furry, playful and friendly dogs”],title:”I am Grateful for:”}, client_id : ‘0’, user : {“wtype”:”grat”,”width”:”180″,”height”:”40″,”textcol”:”rgb(0, 102, 204)”,”bgcol”:”rgb(255, 255, 238)”,”bgimgurl”:””,”borcol”:”rgb(204, 153, 0)”} } };

With thanks to: The law of attraction coaches, law of attraction, How to use law of attraction


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