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What to Teach & Start with Me Learn series: The 12 Universal Laws

A fine day, actually evening, I suddenly thought of or remembered there are laws that govern this world. All things have a certain law, when we follow as it is, we move, progress and so, as usual, I googled 🙂

Before this, I only knew about the laws in Buddhist teaching. So, 12 Laws that explain or guard the cosmo universe 🙂

And for the first time, I’m introduced to Drs. Milanovich and McCune. Oh, they wrote the book, The Light Shall Set You Free (1998). 1998 – I was in the midst of Safra, enjoying work, taking a course in TESOL. And a year later, just before the Millennium, unconsciously nudged onto the path of some discomfort, that led me few years later walking in New York, and almost out of nowhere, these words mouthed into my mouth, “We are all energy beings.” “We are just energy.” Still subconscious, I explored. Come to think about it, the phases of explorations seem always nudge by two main drivers:
1) curiosity, the heart desires to know
2) discomfort, confusion, even pain

I guess I’m at another phase:
Mind / Intellect ( which has perhaps finally learnt to take back seat at times. It was so almost always active.)

Heart, still learning more, distinguishing emotions, the tingle, . . . the truth/the true knowing

Body – the challenge still, that seems to tie in obviously with discipline and will

I guess I have to still do these chunk by chunk, strengthen each, let go more that no longer serve. Sometimes, perhaps too much let go and need retrieve a bit back.

Juggle, Balance – Work and Joy, Work and Ease/Flow or Work in Ease and Joy


Somewhere the reading here or elsewhere,  someone says it starts the The Law of Attraction, or this law is just the beginning hmm

To find out. . .

( 🙂 and the thought that THIS IS more truly important to teach makes me smile, soon I know, we know, a structure, physical platform to share will be found or shown )



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