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Found this write-up when I have finally started… disposing

Found this write-up when I have finally started disposing, cleaning the space – slow but surely (so I guess I should give me-self a pat).

The idea of MINIMALIST has crossed my mind more than a year ago. It all started with old friend shared he would like to live by a suitcase – and my reaction: how free!

With both parents who are hoarders to their own stuff, and me who tended to think too much this could be useful later, I ended up buying things at larger quantity than needed, or store stuff I intend to us later when start on this craft project, or feel it would be a waste to dispose stuff. In this family,  there’s no notion of disposing stuff until things are utterly spoilt beyond repair. If it could be repaired, it will still be stuffed at some corner that perhaps one day, we’ll need it and then repair.

Such baggage!

When few years ago, I seriously noticed or become more conscious that I couldn’t find things I knew I had or so-called saved for the rainy day, and


Less can be MORE
More can be lost, messy and still with nothing sighhhhh

I decided I must THROW

But it ain’t easy

First with myself, with the not wanting to be wasteful and perhaps this can come in useful mentality,  I ended up just REARRANGING stuff

Then feeling so time wasted, and even at one period of time, I gave up clearing. I gave in to my parents on the surface, as one kept questioning if I should throw and even told me I shouldn’t, and another ACTUALLY PICKED BACK THE STUFF INTO THE HOUSE, there are stuff, doesn’t matter how small, it took a lot from me to part, and I found myself HAVING TO THROW THREE TIMES AND STILL UNSUCCESSFUL.

Of course, in my heart, in truth, I gave in to ME – the mild challenging lesson this life, I gave in to continue to try, I bowed to Quitting.

So a pat, I have started cleaning up, and thanks to finding people around me, colleagues, friends who showed me how and one even helped drove the things away from me, which funny for two years, I still think of a few things there, and another came without asked and saw the mess and helped clearing for two hours.

I have been shown the way, and I know it is up to me,  I need to persist through on my own. I CAN!


Now, I guess left with two tricky areas:

– photos and negatives, loads in two to three big boxes, unorganized stacks

– books and pupils’ works and gifts

The latter I know I get through,  I supposed by end of year. The photos and negatives are tricky. One main reason mom verbally puts strong stop and made me feel it is wrong to dispose them. She kept saying how could I get rid how the past.

Not knowing, I do want to as I treasure my future more, and the intention of feeling light, live life with just essentials so I can constantly recreate with joy, passion and freshness.

I’ll figure through, even if slow but steady.
Most importantly, move forward!


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