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Soul Star

I have come across this ! Actually the term on Rainbow Bridge appeared in one of my article reading, but to me it was just a term on connection with higher self, without further idea. Tonight exposure to this is giving me more understanding and connection 🙂

The information is from

The Ageless Wisdom teaches that the Divine Plan for the evolution of humanity leads to ultimate physical health and finally -IMMORTALITY in a perfect body.

The spiritual reason behind the above statement is that it is the purpose of Spirit, the spark of the One Life within each of us, to express fully through matter. Spirit adapts matter to its purpose. The adaptation process is called evolution. Evolution involves the sequential refinement of the substance of matter and a parallel expansion in the consciousness of matter.  The Soul serves the purpose of Spirit and for this reason is willing to cooperate with the personality to purify the vehicles. Its purpose is not personal as much as it is in service to the Divine Plan.

The Soul Star techniques burn karma and save lifetimes of suffering. The techniques differ from guided imagery techniques in that its success does not depend on the quality of visualization, instead the success depends on your willingness to cooperate with the Soul by invoking its assistance. Once you invoke the Soul by use of the , “I am the Soul,” the Soul responds to your thought and does the work of clearing low-grade energy for you. Your part of the bargain is simply to hold the intent in your consciousness for oneness with the Higher Self and communicate to the Soul Star the work to be done by your thought and imagine that it is doing it.  This imaging process is a way of communicating your request to your Soul Star.  Your Soul has waited ages for you to turn your attention to it by your own free will. When you do, it responds with  unconditional love, joy, and a grace that transforms you and integrates you with your true Self.  No longer fragmented by a dual consciousness, you become One.  One with the Self and and since the Self is already One with the Whole, you become one with the One and simultaneously one with All.

“Let the Warrior within fight your battles.” 

Knowledge of the Soul Star and the method of building the Central Vertical Channel and clearing the aura was secret until its release in 1975 by the approval of the Masters of the Planetary Hierarchy.  Even today, you will find almost nothing in print about the use of the Soul Star beyond what has been published in the Rainbow Bridge books and copied by many others.  Josephine and Norman Stevens, the authors of Rainbow Bridge I and II,  were told by one of the members of the Planetary Hierarchy that the process of building the Central Channel as a personality was expected by the Spiritual Hierarchy but not  as soon as it happened.  In the past, the process of building the Central Channel and the clearing of thought forms from the aura had been done in ashrams or retreats by the Masters. Due to the very large increase in the number of disciples being born at this time, and the advancement in human consciousness,  the work can now be done by ourselves to relieve the growing burden from the Masters.  In my more than 30 years of experimenting with various spiritual practices and guided imagery, no other technique had as quick and dramatic effect on changing the quality of my energy as did the Rainbow Bridge Phase I and II clearing techniques. It is for this reason that I feel impelled to share them with those who seek the Light of their Soul.  Even if you are already firmly established in a spiritual practice I am certain your practice will improve if you form the habit of invoking the cooperation of the Soul before you start your daily spiritual work and act “as if” you are the Soul while performing your practice. The invocation to the Soul and the “as if” technique were two of the basic instructions the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul gave to his group (See p. 123,  Discipleship in the New Age Vol. 2). Since energy follows thought,  the use of the “as if” technique must ultimately result in your success.


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