Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

Relationship between Mental and Emotions, I wonder. . .

Upon learning one of my key lessons is
getting through the Mental Mind
weeks, by now two months ago,
the queries of

Hmm why?
What exactly I want, or the assessed framework and level I’m looking for to achieve

What exactly is Mental Mind of a human? I knew for a while
It takes integration of
Physical Body, I later called the 3D requirements
Emotional Feelings which include experiences carried forth (and even affected by external, I think)
Mental Mind of Thoughts, formed with belief systems, concepts, and Will seems to fall under this category as well (Will seems not just here. It seems Mind may be an opening door to Will, the awareness, the decision making to Will. The sustenance should require Emotion and forcefulness of the the Body too)
& the amazing element of Spirit, Higher self, this eternal wisdom/intelligence

to progress,
to balance,
to harmoniously progress,
to create,
to move forward,
to see, know, act in the truth and moving towards Truth


Born a Pisces, naturally emotional being, feelings in duality

It is natural for my lesson to be center my Emotions, and learn while Emotions are part of me, but it isn’t the True Me either.

It seems to learn and see/know the emotions are messages, clues opening me to THE QUESTIONs/TASK. I am to elevate above the emotions. Perhaps before riding above the emotions, I can see its illusion, as well as Release, Purify the Emotions which I used to say, “They have a life of their own. Often I have no idea where they arise from.” These were especially made during my teenage years. Quite overwhelming then, dealing with something I felt but couldn’t explain. Others shrugged this off, till I had to come to a point to acknowledge that no matter how it made no sense to them, these Emotions were real to me, and I cannot wait for their affirmation to know what’s real for me then.


A Pisces, yet I am such a thinker. I could dissect my own emotions, experiences when I need to, when I am calm. I literally was standing away from myself and observing myself, analysing the process, the steps.

I enjoy mental discussions. I did get such energized kicks just debating.


I had over-planned, and enjoyed the mental process of the various what-ifs.

Naturally more were in thoughts than acted out. By the time, actions took place, much minus-ing acts already took place.

Of course, I knew too, this has to do with my past experiences of failures, and I guess, I came up with this mental preparation to avoid more failures.


I have been picking books that are touching on The Mind, especially Powell’s book on Mental aspect of human.


I am not fully clear what exactly I am to master.
I do know I no longer run in circles in thoughts, and no longer want to. I treasure Clarity.

While I fully figure this out, perhaps one best thing to do is Meditate, be calm, be watchful of Me, train Observations or Be Aware.


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