Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

Mental Mind & Emotional Feelings

I wonder . . .

Is it after all the powerful force of Emotions, that trigger the heart, affect the body and the mind too,

And this can really help Self when we know how to maintain the BALANCE, meaning it isn’t fully controlling the Emotional self by sheer ego choice, but support with Clarity and Wisdom of our Higher Self, pacing this directedness WITH THE MIND which is working harmoniously with what is truly for our Highest Good hmmm

I mean letting Emotions taking the front seat, steering the wheel of our vehicle, doesn’t seem to be the right choice hmmm
This Emotion, which is a raw and hidden knowingness of certain aspects can be too extreme, passionate, forceful to cloud the WHOLE CLARITY hmmm

While just let the Mind take the steering wheel to decide what’s best, where to go, how to progress or how fast/slow, may be too so called Cold , cool headed without considering truly what’s best for the body hmmm

So, IT IS THE MIND behind the steering wheel of our temple vehicle, while . . . connecting to the all knowing, the cosmic alpha and omega intelligence wisdom , like having the best GPS guide and help the individual Mind make the best Choice, set the best Intention and then moveeeeee, steerrrrrrrr

So there is Integration and Harmony : )

The 4 bodies are moving in Alignment hmmmm


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