Live in the present moment wisely and earnestly

Rising of Emotion

I notice a rising of emotion yhis afternoon.

I have joined a workshop, filled with pretty lovely people. The first day, I guess I was hyped up, so looking forward, and the introduction of topics and activities were new, I was so cheery through out.

The second day, despite the same people and I enjoyed the continuation of activities, repeating what we have learnt and with a little more explanation to what we did, I noticed . . .

During the comfortable short break, I got those “blurry eyes”, meaning there was like a thin layer of pressure or veil over my eyes. Then, a growing sense in upper abdomen area.

Usually feeling low means look for something else to do, something to be cheered up, like have a good meal, watch a show or even find someone to chat with. This is actually a distraction.

Often, we consume food like chocolate or ice cream to feel good, but isn’t this a kind of running away?


I am home and I am fed. I cannot say no as family was so eager to share the durians they bought. With a filled tummy, can I still figure out why and what is that emotion?


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